ChargePoint Express Plus

Charge more vehicles, faster, with Express Plus.

Express Plus (EXPP) was designed to meet the global requirements for DC fast charging today and well into the future with a software-defined DC hardware architecture that grows with demand.

Express Plus installations can start small and scale as demands on the site change. Upgrading the site to get the highest charging capacity in the industry is done without any stranded investment by adding Express Plus Power Modules, Express Plus Power Blocks and Express Plus Power Link stations to meet the demand.

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Express Plus

Key features

Scalability and speed: Express Plus is capable of delivering up to 350 kW to a single vehicle. The modular architecture of the platform ensures that an installation can scale as demand for power and ports increases.

Usability and experience: The Express Plus platform is designed to be easy to use by all types of drivers as well as easy to own and operate for all businesses.

Cost-effective operations: Station owners can start small and expand to the highest charging capacity in the industry without any stranded investment by adding EXPP Power Modules, EXPP Power Blocks and EXPP Power Links as demand increases. High-efficiency power conversion (> 95% efficiency) reduces electricity costs and wasted energy.

Universal compatibility: Any EV with fast charging capabilities can be accommodated with EXPP Power Links designed to meet the need of the installation site.

Serviceability and maintenance: Modular components are field installable without any specialised tools or expertise. Minimal moving parts and liquid cooling technology increase reliability and minimise ongoing field service for maintenance.

High availability: ChargePoint support monitors EXPP Power Modules and stations remotely 24/7. Intelligent diagnostics and machine-learning techniques predictively prevent failures and ensure that stations are always available for drivers.

Advanced features: Configure and manage Express Plus with ChargePoint Cloud Services to implement policies specific to the site. Establish power management, power sharing and power allocation strategies for cost-efficient energy usage.

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Express Plus configurations

ChargePoint Express Plus is a platform that is configured to site needs using modular building blocks — EXPP Power Modules, EXPP Power Blocks and EXPP Power Links. Our team will work with you to determine the configuration that best meets the requirements at any site and how to scale the site incrementally as demand for charging increases.

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The network effect

When you choose ChargePoint Express Plus, you don’t just get the most advanced DC fast technology in the industry, you also get access to cloud services that let you:

  • Set specialised pricing policies and access controls
  • Make your stations and their status visible to hundreds of thousands of EV drivers on the ChargePoint network
  • Generate usage and energy reports
  • Get over-the-air updates to system software so that the latest capabilities are always available
  • Sit back and relax with industry-leading service and support for your stations and your drivers

Express Plus gallery

EXPP Power Link
EXPP Power Link Single Cable
EXPP power block
EXPP power module